Let me start my post by saying if I had more time to read I would be a happy girl.  I have been really lucky to get a string of cookbooks and really good fiction books to review for publishers lately.  Who doesn't love free books!!  Especially good ones.

Well my latest review book was The Book Lover by Maryanne McFadden. This book takes a look into the world of books by looking at the various aspects of a writers, readers, and book sellers.  The novel explores these differnet world's through the eyes of two very strong female characters.  The book chronicles how an aspiring writer moves on from countless rejections and a devastating betrayal by her husband to become a successful self published writer.  The story also runs parallel to Ruth, a book seller and owner of a local book store, and her struggles to keep her beloved book store open.  Additionally, a few love stories are thrown in to make this an all around great book. 

This was a great story, is really sucked me in and I wasn't expecting that.  After reading the press packet I didn't think I was going to like it and would have to send one of those "thanks for sending the book but this wasn't my style" email.  I always give books 50 pages and I didn't even need that much to get me into the book.  The characters are well developed and there was just enough going on with each main character that it allows you to really feel invested in the characters in thier lives.

The other interesting part of the book is that just like the main character Lucinda in the story, the author McFadden self published her first book and then was picked up by a major house.  I love a good success story real or in a book!  I would give this four and a half stars...its not quiet a five as in best book I have ever read but it was really really enjoyable. 
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