So this past week my son had parent teacher conferences and can I just say what a wicked proud momma I am.  Fair warning I am totally going to gush on my kid right now so feel free to stop reading for those of you who don't want to listen.  So as I have mentioned a few times my son has been struggling with anxiety issues at home (i.e. sleep issues as well as tantrums) and it has been a long road for us and for him.  Well he has always loved school and to go and have a parent teacher meeting and have the teacher talk about how bright my son is, how well behaved, and how well he preforms at school meant the world to me. Not only from the teacher part of me that of course wants me kid to excel at school, but that despite these anxiety issues he is OK.  Really OK and doing well.  Sometimes during these anxiety attacks i begin to wonder if we are doing the right thing, is he going to be OK or will it always be like this with him.  To hear his teacher say such wonderful things and know that developmentally he is above where he needs to be reassures me that despite the fact that he gives us a run or our money at home and tests my patience to the limit and then on some days that he is a good kid. 

Also if I am being honest it also helps me realize that I sort of know what I am doing and I am not going to screw my kid up beyond all recognition and maybe just maybe I am capable of raising a completely normal member of society.  Now mind you he is four so there is still plenty of time for me to mess him up...but for now we are doing OK!
Dressing him like this is what is going to mess him up!!!!
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