Recently, several of the bloggers I have been reading have been talking food issues.  Be it a food addiction, struggling with healthy choices, or even just not being able to fully commit the way we want to to an exercise or an eating program.  As I said in an early post, I too have been struggling a lot. As of my weigh in today, I am up about three pounds from my start back at weight watchers and up about 7 from my lightest ever (Post babies of course).  I am pissed, but also have to realize that I need to relax a bit considering some of the major family issues I have been going through.  Now on to the froot loops!

So my dad who I love and loves to be grandpa of the year....bought the kids a huge bag of cereal at the whole sale store.  I freaked the hell out.  OMG my kids eating this "bad" cereal.  Oh lord they are going to get fat like me, I am going to eat the froot loops and get fatter....so on and so on.  Those of you who struggle with temptation and food you know what it is like to have a food like that in the house.  After talking to my dad, his reply was "I was going to buy some more cheerios for the kids but believe it or not the calories on the froot loops was less then the cheerios and now they are made with whole grain, I figured it would be a decent snack better than cookies or a granola bar".  I didn't believe it, that couldn't be true...a "bad" food like that no way could be lower in calories and be whole grain.  Well damned if he wasn't right!  I should know by now despite my wish for it not to be true, my parents are usually right!

So that being said I spent some time really thinking about my ridiculous overreaction to the damn cereal.  When it comes down to it, it wasn't about the cereal at all, it was about my inability to have a normal relationship with food. I see food, and always have, as good or bad.  Not what it is, just food!  So I have decided that it is time, it is time for me to really start dealing with actual issues with my food. I have dealt with my binge eating, I have dealt with the reality of having a husband who suffers from severe depression, I am working on my body image.  Now, now it is time to deal with my not so healthy relationship with food. 

So my ridiculous relationship with food....your on notice...."It's not you it me...I think we need to break up"
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  1. Ha ha ha. Just don't tell your dad that he is mostly always right, could lead to trouble!

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