The Scintilla Project

So before I get on with today's prompt I have to say I am digging this project and hope to get online later tonight and check out some folks posts as well.  So today's prompt asks us to write a letter to our bully and tell them how they hurt us and how they can no longer hurt us

Dear Bully-
First and foremost you need to know something...I hate you!  I always have.  If there was anyway possible, I would never ever think about you again.  You don't deserve a second thought.  You are not worthy of my time or my attention.  Yet, I think you deserve to know how awful you were to me

You always said the most hateful things to me.  Its like you knew exactly how to hurt me.  You knew exactly what to say that would make me cry.  What would rip my heart out.  You knew exactly how to make my doubt myself.  In those moments that I felt amazing, confident, and beautiful.  You some how managed to take that away with a look or a comment.  Your ruined some of the greatest moments of my life.  Moments that should only have been filled with happiness and joy.  You stole those from me and I hate you for it and I always will. 

I am older now, I am wiser, I am so much stronger than I used to be.  Yet, you still have a way, in my weakest moments, of hurting me.  Whether you realized it or not those things that you said to me, whispered to me when no one else was listen..they stuck with me.  Like little scars that no one can see but me.  For that I will always hate you.

But, now is my time.  The time for me be happy.  To forget you and all those awful, hateful things you did to me. I need to move on.   I want to forget your existence on this planet.  I never want to think about you again because you don't deserve my thoughts. 

Sadly, its not that easy to get over this kind of bully.

Especially because my bully is me
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  1. Esther Fox Says:

    Wow. I can relate so much to this.

    Thanks for sharing.

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