Mamavation Mondays So for those of you who don't know tonight the finalists in the Mamavation Campaign 16 will be announced.  I can honestly say I am nervous-I have gone from hey this is an awesome opportunity to damn I really want this.  I want it bad enough to some days to actually do 200 burpees and walk circles around my house to get my steps in.  Yet, should I not get chosen I would do this again in a heart beat.  Not only did a meet some amazing ladies, more than that I got my ass in gear.  I made some much needed changes and began my journey towards a new healthy life.  In fact this week I lost two pounds at my weight in at Weight Watchers and that is the most I have a lost in a long time.  I have a feeling that all that hazing has something to do with it.  For that I will always be grateful to the Mamavation community finalist or not.  I will check back with everyone tomorrow to let you know if I was chosen as a finalist or not.  Thank you all for your support and love especially for all those in the community and good luck to all the amazing woman in the competition.  Also feel free to stop by the Mamavation TV show on Monday to meet those finalists.  Its a good time-so come check it out!

“This post is sponsored by Color Maker & Mamavation – a community dedicated to obesity prevention & weight loss for women. I’m writing this to be entered into a giveaway ” 
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  1. good luck! I know you will do great if you make it but also that you will still rock on with your weight loss if you don't!

  2. Good luck! I'll be cheering everyone on tomorrow night at MMTV, whether I'm there as a finalist or not!

  3. Pam Gordon Says:

    Congrats on making the changes!!! Even if you don't make it, keep up with those changes and you could be in the next campaign!! :)

  4. lydsrich Says:

    This is wonderful - and you are seriously adding to the inspiration for me to try the next campaign. :)

  5. Unknown Says:

    Good luck with everything. You are headed in the right direction with making all the changes that you have so far and no matter the outcome we are still here for you and standing behind you!!

  6. Hooray for positive changes! Love this post. :)

  7. twomiracles Says:

    congrats on making it girl!!! I completely 100% agree with everything you said. No matter who is chosen I love all you girls and will continue to follow and chat so I know how everyone is doing. I am so glad I joined mamavation and took the leap to apply for MM.

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