After the tragedy that struck Boston the twitter announcement party was cancelled (obviously we were all too devastated to even think about a party).  So they postponed who would win until yesterday afternoon when we heard via twitter that announcement would be made.  The other mom's and I were waiting anxiously to hear the news.  When I found out I won I couldn't have been more excited and scared.  Within minutes of winning my inbox was flooded with the to do lists, contracts, etc.  It was scary but you know what this is what I need.  I need someone all over my ass.  I need to get my shit organized and do this.  Once I get a handle on all on all of this I will be over the moon.

That being said you will find me posting weekly over on Mamavation so come check it out.  Also, because of the time commitment with Mamavation you might not see me as much around here.  Its not that I don't love you...I just need to get my shit done.  So stop on over Mamavation and check it out...its an amazing place to be.

Thank you again for all your support and love, It means all the world to me!
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  1. junebug Says:

    Congrats on being picked!!!

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