Ok folks its one day till the people over at Mamavation make their announcement about who will be the final three Mom's.  I more time that goes by the more I realize I want this.  The more disappointed I know I am going to be if I don't.  I also know in my heart that I will try again if the time is right for the next campaign.  Yet, I want this now, it just feels right.  The other thing that weighs heavy on me is that the other four moms and I are now talking every day.  Not only on twitter but we FB message each other all day long.  I am not lying, I am starting to wonder if we are all just glued to our phones with the amount of time we chat everyday!  I know that when three of us move on and two are not chosen that the fun we have been having will change. I  am sure we will still chat but it won't be the same and that makes me a little sad to say the least.  So that is where I am at a sort of nervous mess!  I will let everyone know should I be chosen (hell you might here my screaming from whereever you are)
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