Before I get into this post I have to say, I have missed my little blog.  My stint as a Mamavation Mom was a once and lifetime opportunity and I am so blessed to have been chosen but I did miss my little space of the web.

So for those of you not following along over at Mamavation it was a wild ride that is for sure...I will do a bigger post about it when my school year ends (in two weeks-YEAH).  For now all you need to know is this

In the seven weeks of the campaign I lost seven pounds and 15.5 inches (yes you read that correctly, 15.5).  I will put in my before and after photos for you too see.  I did hope to loose a bit more weight but since I applied (which was about 3-4 weeks before I started) I went from 231.00 down to my current weight of 220.0 which means in about two and half months I lost nine pounds and 15.5 plus inches.


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Before with a serious gut 
After-Can't get over how much my stomach shrunk

Yet, more me it is more than that, it has given me a great foundation as a move forward in my weight loss journey. I was taught what I should be eating and when, shown how to make meal plans, giving lots of great exercise opportunities all of which I can do at home so there are no excuses as to why I can't workout.

Even this past week-the first one post campaign I was very sick but I still managed to eat ok but no exercise and I hated it.  It taught me that for seven weeks I made journaling my food, exercising, and eating well was my life.  Now I just need to keep on-Keeping on.

I am so excited to start my post campaign life and earn the rest of those "I lost ____ Pounds with Mamavation".

So I hope you all have a great week and my personal goals is to try and exercise a bit even though I am still really sick.

Also if you have ever even thought of applying for the campaign please check it out and DO IT!!! It was the best decision ever!
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  1. Unknown Says:

    You should be so proud of your progress! Good luck with reaching your goals!

  2. Girl you look freaking fabulous! I love it when hard work shows on your body. There is nothing like it. When you go through a workout and you want to give up but you don't. Remember this after picture. You have done amazing!!! Such an inspiration.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    This is AWESOME! You look great!

    I'm starting up that wellness program at work and I'm really hoping they offer some kind of weight watchers at work program, or similar. I'm psyched about our 5k! We have to be sure we get pictures of us together!

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