Well there are big changes ahead for Mamavation....feel free to pop by and check them out here if you haven't heard yet.  Things are only getting better over there.  One thing I like is that they are changing the Mamavation Monday post to a weekly update which is nice for slackers like me who are writing their Monday post on a Tuesday night.

My weekly update, I have been eating better and counting weight watchers points and slowly getting active now that I am feeling better.  I have a 5k in two weeks that I would like to be running a bit more for so I have been going out every other day jogging-I may up that to a few days in a row although I don't want to over do-I always an all or nothing mentality.

So my goals for this week.  Track my food, back to basics, and every other day runs with strength training from the Mamavation plan at least two days.  How was everyone's week?

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