So we all know making resolutions is fun-But shit its hard to keep up with it!!!  I rejoined weight watchers and realized just how much I have been eating.  Its amazing I only gained four pounds in the last two months-Yikes I could have done some serious damage.  The eating well thing has been tough for no other reason then when you eat junk for a long time you miss it when you don't.  No other reason than that!  Also, now that I am back at work finding time for projects, the gym, and calling people is a tough tall order.  Yet, I am up for it.  Maybe not the Gym this week (I am the person who doesn't want to go to the gym because it is crowded with everyone swearing they will go to the gym!  I am working away on finishing a scarf for my nephew for Christmas (we are celebrating this weekend) he lost the one I made last Christmas and was so sad so I am making one to match the Bruins hat I got him for Christmas.  I bought yarn to start a new scarf for myself and hope to get to that starting this weekend.  How is everyone else doing on their New Years Resolutions?  I hope you are all hanging in there too!
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  1. Hard to make resolutions when you haven't really been out of bed since Christmas! Glad you are plugging away!

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