Ok so warning this is a total pity party post but I figured I should do it and get it out of my system. Also, a wee bit of TMI depending on your outlook.  So as I have mentioned before things around our house are crazy and that really hasn't changed.  Two weeks ago I found a lump....tried not to panic because from nursing two kids or a year each the girls shall we say are not as smooth and perfect as they used to be.  So I went to the Dr and come to find out apparently is the birth control I am on that is sending my system out of whack so she suggested an IUD (which if it works correctly I may not have a certain visitor for the next five years.  So I am lucky enough to schedule this for Monday which I have off.  Well the Dr was delivery two sets of twins and was running two hours late, oh well what can you do.  So I go in get this done and lets just say it was a wee bit more painful than the Dr indicated but no big deal....well at least I though so until I was scheduling my follow up appointment and started to pass out.  So here I am in the waiting room slumped in a chair and had to be helped by the Dr back to the exam room to sit for the next hour.  Apparently, this is normal just most women do it right after its put in not ten minutes later.  So I finally get home and am resting because the light cramping that the "educational pamphlet" mentioned wasn't light it was more like hey I remember cramps like this...I was in labor.  So I finally fall asleep and the phone rings and its my dad.  He is calling with bad news.  Apparently the heart murmur he has always had may be turning into something serious.  Something with his Aorta.  So although I am desperately trying to not freak out (I am the queen of unnecessary freak out) I am barely holding it together.  So not only am I a hot crampy mess, not I am trying not to think about this thing with my dad.  So I am home today with the kids because my dad has to have some tests done and am trying to get my mind centered and calm.  I have tons and tons of school work that is backing up because things have been crazy at home and my senior grades are due by Friday for the semester.  Oh yeah and I have to make up an final exam by Friday too.  I am trying not to sit in the corner in cry, although I did have a cry fest with the hubby and told him I am just so pissed because all I want to do is eat cupcakes and ho-hos, and Cheetos till I feel better.  Which I know won't make me feel better but I still want to.  I am going to try and get to the gym today with the kids or perhaps tomorrow we shall see.  OK I feel a bit better now that I had my pity party. Thanks for bearing with me!
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  1. Sorry to hear all this- you're in my prayers!

  2. I am glad you feel better after your pity party! I feel so badly for you! I am sending you a big hug!!!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I am VERY behind in my blog reading thanks to our crazy few weeks, so I'm only just seeing this. UGH all around -- so sorry! I hope you're feeling better, things with your dad are straightening out...

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