Just wanted to put down a quick post saying that I am still here.  Despite the crazy thing that is my life i Have been hanging in weight wise.  I have lost about two and half pounds in three weeks not a lot but I will take it!  Also things with my dad are at a stand still, nothing major needs to be done right now about his heart but he still needs to see a specialist to make sure he won't need surgery.  Work is going well we are in exams which is a nice break because we have half days but that also brings the grading of these exams which is a bummer.  So hence the short post.  I am off to grade.  Hopefully I will begin to post a bit more regularly starting next week.  I have been reading and can't wait to post a few reviews of some of the books that I have read lately. I hope this finds the rest of the bloggy world well!!
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  1. Beth Says:

    Hang in there, lady. Sounds like your plate is full. Cheers!

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