So the final verdict-I would still say that I am exceptionally lucky for having been asked to sample all of the great food provided to me by Bistro MD.  Overall I thought that the quality of the food was amazing and that for the most part the taste was wonderful.  There were those few meals that I didn't care for but if I had been in charge of my own food selection I would have never chosen those meal selections.  In my perfect world I would love to do Bistro MD for my lunches and breakfasts but still would enjoy cooking my own dinners.  Not only because it was hard to figure out what to have my kids eat, but also I love to cook.  I don't know if I could eat all three meals a day for seven days a week.  I do have to say thought it did help me to realize what was a healthy portion (especially of grains and proteins).  Overall I think that Bistro MD would be a great fit for someone who is single or more importantly someone who eats out a lot and doesn't cook.  This would be a much better alternative to skipping meals or trying to figure what to eat out.  Again I want to thank the wonderful people at Bistro MD for allowing me to try all of their tasty foods.  Such a wonderful opportunity, thank you again.
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