Ok-I am the world's luckiest mom-I get author's sending me great children's books to review.  I was chosen to review a sweet girly book called Gracie's Gift by Andrea Trosclair.  It is about a young girl who does not want to wear a bow in her hair.  Then her mother explains why she loves for her daughter to wear a bow-because it is her way of thanking God for her special baby girl.  Of course I get all misty reading this book but for two reasons.  As a mom we all know how important it is for our children to know we love them and what better way then a daily reminder about love.  Second, my baby J will not wear anything in her hair (well provided you aren't counting food because she always has food in her hair).  This is a really sweet book and best of all a portion of all the books sold goes to the MS Association of America (a disease that the author suffers from herself).  I really loved this book and so did both of my kids (even my son loved it and wanted to know why boys didn't get to wear bows).  So please go check out the authors website at www.trosclairtales.com or stop by amazon to pick up a copy of Gracie's Gift
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