So there is something I have been thinking about for awhile and I don't really talk about it much.  I have been thinking about becoming a vegetarian (well because I can't eat dairy) I would really be a vegan.  The only reason I haven't done so thus far is the family.  They are hard core meat eaters.  There is no way that as the cook of this family I could stop cooking meat.  

So let me start by saying that this does not come from a place of me not liking meat (because for damn sure I love me a burger) but I have recently watched the documentary Food Inc and it really moved me to realize where my food is coming from.  Yet, again the issue is the family.  So I have been thinking that over the course of the next f ew months I am going to slowly eliminate meat from my diet.  I will cook for my family and eat meat a few times a week.  Introducing more vegetarian cooking to them.  I figure I will see how that goes, see if I am satisfied with what I am eating (I need to be satisfied otherwise I will start to think about binge eating).  Then begin to cut out more and more meat.

I also have decided to stop blindly buying my meat where it is cheapest.  Papa Hunt and I decided that we would begin buying our meat from a local butcher who raises his own meat that way we know where our meat comes from not some big corporation.  

This whole thought process is different for me because usually I do stuff to loose weight (which this is not that) or as a fad diet to loose weight.  I have thought of people who were vegan as crazy, but now that I am doing more reading on clean eating, and what to eat, and when to keep my energy up.  I realize that a lot of the foods I love are not good for my body are not good for our world.  Now those of you who know me in real life please don't think I am going to be a militant person about this trying to convert all of you.  As I said this may not work for me and I am not totally giving up meat, yet.  I also think if I am being honest about my health I will still eat eggs.  So basically I am totally making up my whole own weird eating plan!!  

So what are your thoughts?  Are some of you vegetarians? Vegans?  Hard Core meat eaters?  I would love to hear what you think?
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  1. Though not a big meat eater (pretty much I only eat chicken), unfortunately my husband is a meat and potatoes kind of guy so I feel that I would face the same challenges! Funny enough yesterday we were talking about butchers with somebody and there are no real butchers around here, just in supermarkets (one story is that a supermarket moved their whole butcher section to the basement and someone has to call down to them with your order). Yikes! Good luck!

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