So I am not a huge resolution fan so I decided to make my self goals for 2012 and why not 12 being it is 2012 and all.  Also as a teacher we are required to set smart goals for ourselves and students (this is a fancy way of saying you set a goal that can be measured) so most of my goals for 2012 are ones that can be measured and I figured I will keep a running tally of these on my home page to sort of keep myself in line.  I decided for the first time in ages I am not going to do any weight loss goals (although I am restarting weight watchers along with my clean eating more on that later)  So here are my 12 Goals for 2012

1. No more Soda-Except on my birthday if I Choose
2. Eat Dairy free-My stomach has been awful this week because I haven't been
3. Scrapbook Josie's first 12 Months
4. Finish Dylan's first 12 Months scrapbook (he is almost five and all)
5. Exercise 3 times a week (166 Times this year)
6. Read 30 books
7. Make 12 projects with my grandma's group on Facebook (not that I am a grandma but we do grandma type projects
8. Make an effort to connect with those people I care about.  Call, Email, or write a good friend once a week (52 times this year)
9. Make 100 posts this year on my blog
10. Spend more time being present with my kids-Be in the moment with them put down the phone
11.  Finish at least four more graduate courses to bring me closer to maxing out on the salary scale at my job
12. Be kind to myself-No negative nasty voice in the back of my head

So there you have it folk, my 12 in 2012.  I hope you are all enjoying your new year!  May this year bring you all that you are hoping for and then some!
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