I am so excited to post about this....a few weeks ago I was contacted by Bistro MD about testing out their products and reviewing them here on my blog.  We I got lucky and was chosen and was also lucky enough to get meals for my hubby-Papa Hunt to review as well.  I keep using the work lucky because lets be honest not cooking or having to buy groceries the week before Christmas is nothing but friggin lucky.  So for the next week you can be expecting pictures and details about my food.  The program was recently featured on Dr. Phil-and anyone who knows me knows I am a Dr. Phil Junky!  So we got our delivery yesterday in the mail and I was super surprised.  Not only did the food look to be of good portion size, it looked really tasty.  Most of the meals looked to be around 300 calories and a way bigger portion then the light frozen meal I just ate for dinner last night.  It was half the size for 300 calories.  Well I can't wait to go heat up my breakfast and take some photos of it!  I will keep you all update on my journey!  Yeah for new and exciting things!
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