There is a plague upon my house.....no seriously.  I am starting to think there might be some type of allergeren or something in my house that is causing this horrendous run of sickness!  My kids are still gross, the hubs is still gross, and to top it off I got a stomach bug this past weekend.  Awesome doesn't even begin to cover it!!!  Yet, we are hanging in.  This past Friday we went for our first therapy appointment to help us deal with D's sleep issues and that went much better than I thought and we are headed back this Friday without the wee one in order to work on some strategies for dealing his anxiety and sleep issues.  It is nice to at least feel like we are making some postive moment.  I will keep you all posted and hopefully things will settle in and I can start to blog a bit more.  Also, don't forget I am a featured mommy blogger over on the #mefirst website so check me and the other momma's out over there! http://mefirstblog.com/2011/12/using-finding-nemo-as-my-inspiration/
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