Day Two
Breakfast with Santa, Lunch Cheese Ravioli for Pap Hunt and Moroccan Chicken for Me, Dinner was Grilled Chicken with Spinach Orzo

Day Three
Breakfast-Spinach, Pepper and Feta Omelet, Lunch Papa Hunt-Steak house wrap me-Blackened Tilapia, Dinner-Pulled Pork Caroline Style

Cheese Ravioli-Papa Hunt liked this and said it was tasty but he could have used a bit more, again I mentioned that this is what a portion of pasta really looks like

Moroccan Chicken-I thought this super spicy and sweet chicken was yummy.  Yet, upon tasting it I clearly knew why Papa Hunt did not like this meal.  He is not a huge savor and sweet fan and from the raisins you get a sweet tasty and it was middle eastern spicy which he is not a fan, but I liked it.  The chicken was perfectly cooked

Grilled Chicken and Orzo-We both thought the chicken was good as well as the Orzo our only complaint was it was a lot of spinach and Papa Hunt really does not like spinach and for these past few days there has been spinach in everything!!  Again the chicken was cooked really good and reheated well. To me the best part was the veggies, super good squash and eggplant my favorite combo

Spinach omelet with turkey hash-I loved this-Now I did have to scrap out the feta since I can't do dairy but the eggs were surprisingly tasty for microwaved eggs.  Plus the shredded turkey with potato hash was a great edition to my omelet

Steak House Wrap-Papa Hunt loved it, only complaint was that it was too soft to pick up and eat and you needed a knife and fork

Blackened Tilapia-I hate to admit this because I really have liked the food, I threw it out!  It was way to spicy for me and I usually love spicy.  Plus I was bummed because I never get to eat fish because Ryan doesn't like it.  So I am having my dad eat the Tilapia this week for lunch while he is watching the wee one since he likes super spicy.

Pulled Pork-WINNER WINNER CHICKEN (I mean pork) dinner.  We loved it.  We both had never had okra before and although it was a bit slimy it was super crunchy and squash like.  Also the baked beans and pulled pork were and excellent combo!  This was another favorite of ours.  YEAH!!! Just bummed I forgot to take a picture of it

Well off to eat my breakfast, see you tomorrow with another update
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