Ok so I am sucker for any children's book and then add in the fact that this is about Alaska and I am in heaven!  I have a thing for Alaska-I loved it when we visited plus you all know I am slightly obsessed with Deadliest Catch!  Well I was offered to review Musher's Night Before Christmas and I was so excited-forget the kids.  But you know what...my son fell in love with the book. He has been taking it to bed to read before he goes to sleep for the last two weeks since it arrived.  This book is based on the classic Night Before Christmas but has an Alaskan flair.  It features eight champion Alaskan sled dogs and their owner.  I think I loved reading about the historical basis of the story even more than the story itself.  The Author-Tricia Brown does an amazing job weaving in these traditional Alaskan elements to this age old story.  Also, I loved the illustrations by Debra Dubac because they bring the story to life in a realistic cartoony way.  Not only is the story great, the book itself is gorgeous to look at.  This is a great book and would make an amazing holiday gift!  Heck look at us reading it the day it came in the mail!

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  1. Love the dog in the middle!

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