So as I posted before I was Lucky enough to be given sample meals from Bistro MD to try for a week.  Since we didn't know when they were coming we already had a lot planed so we are working the plan into our lives.  So far so good!  We are really liking the meals the only complaint that I have (and its my own fault) I did not tell them that I was lactose intolerant so some of the tastier looking meals I have had to trade with my hubby because I can't Wait them with all the dairy in it.  So below are the meals that we have eaten and some brief commentary and pictures.

Erica-Berry Crepes, Lunch was out, Dinner-Beef Tips
Ryan-Berry Crepes, Moroccan Inspired Chicken, Beef Tips

Erica and Ryan-Sweet Potato Pancakes, Chicken Sausage with Mustard, and dinner was out

Ok so here our thoughts and a few photos to help you visualize
Berry Crepes-They smelled amazing and tasted really good.  We both were actually surprised how good the turkey sausage was alhtough Ryan who doesn't like spicy things felt that the sausage was a bit spicy for the am

Moroccan Inspired Chicken-Papa Hunt said it was good quality food and tasted ok but the flavor combos were not something that he would really choose to eat on his own.  He prefers more traditional flavors.  So he wanted me to point out this was not a flaw with the good it was more a personal flavor choice

Beef Tips- The beef tips were super yummy.  Nice big chunks of tender beef, with wide egg noodles and an amazing blend of mushrooms.  This was by far a stand out in the last few days for both me and Papa Hunt.  Although Papa Hunt and mushrooms are an evil combo but it was tasty enough to deal with the aftermath

Sweet Potato Pancakes0I was in love.  Breakfast doesn't get any better than yummy pancakes, syrup, and some sausage.  I actually thought that sweet potatoes because of the cinnamon tasted a bit like pumpkin pancakes which I am in love with.  Plus a tasty  little sausage dipped in sugar free syrup so good!  Papa Hunt wasn't as big of a fan but his complaint had to do with size-He didn't think that three small pancakes was not enough but I reminded him that this is part of the plan learning what portion sizes are!

Chicken Sausage with mustard sauce, braised cabbage, and mushroom barley-BEST MEAL EVER.  This was so dang tasty.  Be both loved it and our plates looked literally like they were licked clean.  The sausage was flavored perfectly and the mustard sauce was not over powering.  The cabbage with apples was out of this world and the barley was so yummy!!!!  I want to eat this every day.  Sadly even though this was my favorite meal-we don't have pictures of it because....well sausage looks a little ummm....like sausage so no pictures!

We have really been enjoying the food I will update Sunday's meals tomorrow!  Have a great day everyone
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