Again I have been lucky enough to be given a copy of a cookbook to review for my blog.  This time I was asked to read a speciality cookbook called "The Gluten-Free Good Health Cookbook".  This book not only has a ton of great recipes for those who need or want to go Gluten Free, it goes over the benefits of going Gluten Free.  It also spends part of the book talking about how to have a good diet while being Gluten free as well as various tips and techniques for living a Gluten Free lifestyle. 

Although I was expecting more pictures (I love a cookbook with lots of good pictures)it makes up for that with tips and suggestions in each section.  For example is the sauces section it goes over the different types of sauces along with a standard base to use in many of their recipes. 

I think that this would be a great book for those who are just starting out living a Gluten free lifestyle.  Also, this book is truly for the beginning cook and it goes over in the most basic of cooking techniques.  From this book I plan to make the Quinoa Black Bean salad and I will be posting pics back here on Mommyetc once I get my lazy bum to the store.  Again if you are living Gluten free or plan to go Gluten free this cookbook is a great starter recipe. 
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