Disclaimer-I wrote this when I was pissed off the other day and needed to vent.  Figured even though I am not angry and more that I should still post it.

I am not perfect-Yet I always wish that I was

If I was perfect maybe life would be easier
If I was perfect I would make more money and be able to save it better
If I was perfect I would cook amazingly healthy meals that everyone loves on a shoestring budget
If I was perfect the house would always be clean and everything would be in its place-Including my hair
If I was perfect our kids would always be well behaved, never make a mess, and speak in soft voices because I am that good of a mother
If I was perfect my body would stay the same In some places and get super skinny in others
If I was perfect our life might be different-but I am not

I am messy, I am disorganized, I am forgetful

But I am a damn good mom, friend, and teacher who loves with all of her heart and believes in the best of people even to a fault

I am complicated, I am sleep deprived, I am cranky, I am stressed

But I find the joy in an many little and crazy things as possible, even laughing when I should be crying

I am dramatic, I am funny, I am snarky


And maybe, just maybe that is what perfect is

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  1. Beth Says:

    You. Go. Girl.

    You are amazing. And, it's the imperfections that make us lovable and humble and interesting, don't you think?


  2. Unknown Says:

    I do...I think sometimes though some people in my life expect a lot of me that often times I can't deliver...but my relationships just like myself are a work in progress

  3. This could totally be a poem! Go you!

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