So I have sort of been floundering as I mentioned in Friday's post. Well now that life has started to settle down (or more realistically I have begun to get used to these large bumps in the road) I feel that now is the time to start putting the focus back on me.  I have a goal to be at my pre pregnancy weight or as close to as I can by my birthday.  Then after that I will set a new goal. So on twitter one of the gals I follow posted about a new challenge going on.  I thought, what the hell why not join up so I did.  So as of Sunday am I am part of the challenge.  This week's goal is to get 30min of exercise a day (which will be tough because I have a ton of meetings and after school stuff this week) but I am going to try to do it.  Even if it means me and turbo jam spend some quality time in the basement!  I need to start realizing that I am going to have to give up some of my precious time after the kids go to bed to put to exercise.  Oh well the nails and knitting will just have to get put on the back burner for a wee bit while I get this weight thing under control.   So as the challenge progresses I will keep you all posted.  If you want to check it out, check out Dacia's site which is where this challenge is originating.  

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