First and foremost to the ten or so people who read my blog-Happy Valentine's day!!!  I hope your day is filled with love...from a spouse, significant other, children, friends, or furry ones!

So I wasn't going write about this but then I realized most people who read my blog have no idea about my favorite Valentine's day.  Papa Hunt and I had been dating for several years and had agreed to keep Valentine's day small that year.  We both were in our first year of teaching and barely had any money.  We decided on a nice dinner out and cards.  I broke the rule by getting him his favorite Jelly beans but I figured I would one up him on Valentine's day!  When you are 22, the holiday is sort of childish like that.

Well Papa Hunt would have non of that.  He went all out.  He decided to get flowers, and a huge box.  He covered that huge box in red paper and decided to hide in it to surprise me.  So when I opened the door to his apartment I saw the box and thought ohhhh how sweet...he wrapped himself up and he is my V-day present.  He totally won in the best gift contest...but wait

When I pulled off the top of the box, he had slit the sides so that the sides of the box would open and he was there in shit and tie on one knee with an engagement ring on his hand....oh yeah that is right.  Papa Hunt spares no expense nor does he follow the only a card rule!!!!  It was so sweet, so thoughtful, and still gets me a bit misty thinking of it!  Oh and lets just say my bag of Jelly Belly's lacked a little something in comparison. 

So that is my favorite V-day memory what are yours!  Or better yet do you have a disaster V-day story?
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  1. Love this story! I didn't know that was how he proposed (though I did have to reread twice since it said he was there in "shit and tie" but it just adds to the humor of everything related to Papa Hunt)!

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