Yes you read that correctly, I am jealous over summer school.  My husband's that is.  I love going to school, I always have, I always will.  Over the years I have earned one Master's degree, the credit equivalent of a second one (CT recognizes 30 credits in an area related to your content area as a masters degree) with almost an additional 15 credits beyond that.  I hope to by the end of next school year have 30 additional credits beyond my second masters (which had a done a program I would get to put PhD after my name).
Most of these classes have been online and not exactly what I would call academically challenging.  They were a lot of work and a lot of time (most of my classes required 40 page papers with them) yet it wasn't a "real" program.  Well Papa Hunt got offered a deal he couldn't refuse.  A master's program run out of his high school by an amazingly good University in CT and we think most of it will be forgiven under a loan forgiveness program.  This degree would allow him to advance both in his career as well as on the pay scale.  I am so happy for him, so proud of the work he is doing.  But insanely jealous.  I want to be the one to go back to school!! I want to take these great classes!! Yet, I took the easy way out of online courses to move up on the salary scale as fast as a could to help our family.  I don't ever regret that choice because it was the right choice at the right time for me and my family-Yet those who know me know that one of my great goals in life is to earn a PhD and teach at the collegiate level perhaps once I retire from HS teaching.  I know that my someday will come to go back to school (maybe even once I am retired) but it is still hard not to be jealous.  I also know that jealousy isn't good for a marriage so once I whine about it here, in my safe place I will let this go.  That is what has to happen because I can only be a little bitch about this for so long.  My hubs got lucky!  Also, in reality my kids need there Momma-They need me to be home doing the mom gig in the summers, not slowly plugging away at a third masters or PhD.  They need me to do all the things that I can't do when I am working.  So I promise folks, I will stop giving the hubs the stink eye as he leaves for class this upcoming week and know that someday (even if I am 57-which is when I can retire) I will go back to school the way I want to!  Hell lets be honest when I have 57 and retired I most likely won't give a shit about that PhD and just want to sit my ass on vacation and enjoy retirement.  We shall see.

Me giving the stink eye and pouting about not going to school!

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  1. Sorry for you but give our congrats to the hubby!

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