Although I did better this week and managed to loose almost all the weight I put on during vacation, I am still stuck at 217/218 depending on if I went pee prior to getting on the scale.  I guess I should be happy with that but of course I am not.  I want to be 150 pounds yesterday!  It is hard though trying to figure out how to get healthy but not be obsessed.  I sort of have no middle ground.  I am either eating like a beast or going crazy over calories or points.  I guess I can say maybe I am in the middle ground...I have not counted a point or calorie in two months and have stayed at exactly the same weight.  I have been recording my food more which I think is important and have been trying to up the exercise. I realized that I need to stop using my kids or hubs as an excuse not to exercise when in all honest I could exercise if I really wanted to....hello DVD player!!  So there it is....my goal is still to be as close to 210 for the start of school in four weeks but still trying not to get too wrapped up in it and enjoy my vacation.  

On a good note though I got confirmation from the University of New England and somehow the professor never got my course but the University received it.  So...they took it via email and it should be graded by the end of the week so provided I get my ass in gear I should be all set to go for a salary advance which should help with my forever freak out about money!!  How is everyone else doing?  How are you fairing with weight loss or life in general?
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  1. Blah, that's my total sum up!

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