I do plan to do a proper post on our vacation some time this week but I have been a wee stressed lately. While on vacation my oldest somehow got attacked by killer mosquitoes and we had to go to see a doctor up in the wilderness which was a special treat...not to mention my wee guy was so sad.  Then the day we are leaving to go home I notice that my other wee one has what appears to be a viral rash.  So off to the doctor we go on Friday.  Nothing treatable just something viral.  Then starting last night she has the poops.  So sad which makes her a sad little panda.  Add to this I recently ordered my transcripts for a salary advance at my job...and noticed that one of my courses was listed as an F because I never turned the course in.  Well I hit the fucking panic switch not only had a paid 400 dollars to take the course, and spent a shit load of time doing it, I would not have to complete not two but three online courses this summer.  Holy shit.  Now I love the hubs but he is not one to say "Hey babe you have school work to do why don't you run off to start bucks or the library and I will watch the kids all day" not his bag.  So that means I am looking at three online graduate courses to complete during nap time and while the kids are in bed.  Awesome.  Needless to say my face has exploded and I am I may kill someone for a ho-ho.

Only kidding....sort of

As of today I am recommitting to journal and exercising (although going the gym with the baby with the shits isn't happening) I want to be under 210 pounds by the start of school.  That will take a lot of hard work but will also put my at my thinnest pre-baby number two.  I don't think I need to go crazy and start counting calories or weight watchers or things like that.  I just need to be more honest about my exercise, food consumption, and water.  I am also hoping to post a bit more.  I always want to post then go....oh it will take to long.  Hell this post only took me five minutes.  So that is where I am at...how is the bloggy world doing?
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  1. Surviving- sad we can't figure out a time to meet up. :-(

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