Mamavation Mondays

This week was been snow-amazing.  Here in CT we got more than three feet of snow at my house.  The snow is so bad that they cancelled school for today (Monday).  As we headed out to clean up our snow blower broke about five minutes into the clean up.  We needed to clean out the driveway by ourselves.  I went out for three hours on Saturday and another hour and half today and it is finally done.  Now while this was absolutely horrendous it did prove something to me that I think I needed to know. I am far more capable both physically and mentally then I thought I was.  I was able to move heavy snow into piles that were over my head for hours.  I often don't do things because I don't think I am capable.  One of the things I keep putting off is signing up a 5k.  So yesterday after I came inside from hour number two of shoveling was to contact three friends (one who I know runs occasionally and the other two in their own places in their healthiness journey) and asked them if they would join me in a 5k. As of now I will be participating in the Mystic Aquarium 5k in October that gives several months to prepare and be ready.  Although I am nervous-if my ass can shovel snow for hours and hours and hours I am sure I can jog a 5K.  I didn't end up weighing myself mainly because I was too sore to dig the scale out.  I hope you all had a really great week!  Happy Monday all.
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  1. Wow, that's a lot of snow! Congrats on signing up for the 5k - you'll do great!

  2. Unknown Says:

    Hey! I'm in CT, too! I literally feel your pain!! Great job & good luck with your 5k!!

  3. monicazyoung Says:

    I am also looking into signing up for a 5k, so you motivate me to do so. Good luck this week

  4. Holy snow, batman! I'm glad you were able to dig your way out - sorry about the snowblower, but it sounds like the life lesson was WAY more valuable! Congrats on signing up for the 5k!!

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