So I am finally getting around to posting this....better late than never right!  So as many of you know here in CT a few weeks ago we got a Blizzard, I mean full fledged blizzard.  Well being a teacher I thought how great a day or two at home with the kids and playing in the snow while the hubby snowblowed.  WRONG!!!! It turned into three days home from school (five days in a row because of a weekend) and the snow blower died ten minutes into the clean up.  I am sturdy girl and was like hey no big deal we can shovel....WRONG.  Three feet of snow is impossible for someone who is only five feet tall to shovel because soon the snow piles were taller than me.  We have a relatively small driveway and it took us two days to clean our driveway and that included five hours for the hubby and three for me on day one, and three hours from hubby and two from me on day two.  The first day I wore my heart rate monitor and burned over 1400 calories.  I can honestly say other than gestating my babies and then birthing them....this was truly my greatest physical feat to date!  I have never worked so hard it was awe inspiring how much snow we had!  So I figured with all this moaning (notice I didn't swear my lent no swearing thing is going ok) you would want some visuals, so here you go.

View out to the deck-Yup the snow is up to the top of the grill.  It was as high as the door handle

This is hard to see but this is the walk that was shoveled so the dogs could go out.  For perspective look at the mailboxes

Here is me trying to look good while busting my rump shoveling.  That pile behind me was well over my head.  This is why it was so hard to shovel it because each shovel full had to be lifted over my head onto the pile 

This is my folks SUV-Its parked here because they were on a cruise in the carrivean while the blizzard happened.  You literally had to dig the car doors out it was so high.  Not going to lie this was the last thing we did and when I reached the car I cried because it mean we were almost done
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