So a few days ago one of my favorite bloggers, and dare I suggest online friend Kelly from www.curyfitgirl.com wrote a post about excuses-Go click on the link read and come back if you would like...I'll wait.  Well anywho she was discussing about how people need to stop making excuses about why they are not getting healthy.  They need to just shut up and get the job down and if they really looked at themselves the reasons that they give for loosing weight is because they are really not reasons they are excuses.  So at first there was a lot of eye rolling and annoyance.  Of course someone who has the luxury of living alone can discuss not making excuses blah blah blah.  I was annoyed because I had "real" reasons for not working out and "real" reasons for not getting the job done weight loss wise.  I will be honest this post stuck in my craw for awhile.  Then I realized why...I was annoyed because she was right.  All things I discuss about my life being crazy and having no time to do things for myself are true but I am often using those as excuses to not take care of myself.  So my apologies to Kelly for the side I was giving her for a few hours a couple of a days ago (I know she is a great gal and won't judge me for it).  The reality is....I make excuses.  I think if we are honest about ourselves nad our journeys there is a lot of excuse making because we don't want to see ourselves as failures.  I still dont' see myself as a failure-I refuse to.  Yet, I realize I need to stop making excuses for the same reason I make them...my crazy life.  I know in terms of exercise I feel so much better and more capable of handling the stress when I eat well and workout.  I just got some great Tae Bo tapes and they are 30 mintues long I can certainly fit that and if I can't I am lying!  Feel free to kick my ass if I ever say I don't have 30 mintues.  Shit I spend at least 30 minutes on twitter every day!

So thank you Kelly for making me admit that I am an excuse maker and that needs to change.  So it might mean less time on my blog or social media or reading blogs, but that time will be well spent with exercise and getting myself organized (something I will talk more about later).  In a nod to my new commitment since reading Kelly's post a few days ago I have worked out every day and even turned down a slushy at dairy queen, stopping for cupcakes because I knew I would eat them, and refusing a doughnut when the family got some pre blizzard this am.  I realized no more excuses...excuses have gotten me to where I am.  I want to change more than I want to believe my reasons (excuses) anymore.
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