So this is a very scary blog for me to post-I am a more hide behind the computer kind of girl than a live in your face Vlog kind of girl.  As my readers know I am part of the Mamavation sisterhood and recently they put out that they are looking for Moms for their next campaign.  When a mom is chosen she is given a huge level of support through nutrition guidance as well as a fitness program and the best part they get the support of the entire community in their weight loss/healthiness journey.  I decided to apply in keeping with my no excuses moving forward mentality.  Why shouldn't I apply to try and help myself in anyway possible in my journey to being a healthy mom.  So what if it is scary to put myself out there-its time for me to put on my big girl panties and hit publish...Here's to hoping I am chosen the next Mamavation Mom!

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